ESPN Interview – Special Flip

Hey guys, check out this interview I did about the Special Flip on

See you in Vegas!

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APX and Nitro Circus teamed up

The crew headed out to Provo, Utah this past weekend for some Nitro Circus style antics.  Putting on a show for a few thousand folks got the blood pumping once again.  APX Alarms consulted the Nitro Circus to organize a full fledged show and the result was a company bbq like no other!   APX Alarms’ employees, friends, and family were packing the stands and even saw some of the top execs trying there hand at a few of the stunts.  Pretty enjoyable event if you ask me but it did leave me asking one last question…
Anybody else need a company bbq Nitro Circus style?

More pics to follow… heading to FL at the moment for some old fashioned skydive schooling!

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Nitro Circus threads for Fall

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Catching up…

During the early years of Nitro Circus you could find me hanging out with my cousin Travis Pastrana.  Usually running around with a camera filming some pretty goofy home made stunts.  The Nitro Circus dvd series began with “Travis Pastrana and  the Nitro Circus”.  With some unexpected success, producers Gregg Godfry, Travis Pastrana and Jeremy Rawle were able to further generate 6 more dvd’s which, to this day have really found their niche among NC dvd fans. During the latter portion of these dvd’s I was easy to find, either on the football field or studying my butt off.  I knocked out a 4 year stint at the University of Maryland while playing football for the Terrapins, I’d earned my degree in Kinesiology and had also completed my first year at the University of Maryland’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

“Jamaica’n Me Crazy”

This was about the time the first season of Nitro Circus was finishing up.  I would actually find myself in Jamaica soaring off the top of a ramp strategically placed at the edge of a cliff launching into the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean below. Continue reading

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